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110.07.30 雙城國際設計工作坊 線上開幕


七月三十號 澆不熄熱情的大雨



2021 International USR Design Workshop Online opening ceremony

31, July Torrential rain

Respond to the policy of COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop works as online and overcomes the special restriction. With UCSI from Malaysia, which also have students from Taiwan, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Maldives, etc., we hold an online International Design Workshop for 3 weeks. Besides online courses, we also do field inspection and set a 24 hours online chatroom to purpose more ideas for urban planning division in two cities and to open new design opportunities for post-epidemic era.

Through Prof. Chie-Pong CHEN and Prof. Ji-Chiang CHUANG’s sharing on the opening ceremony day to let students know the developing relationship and importance of pond is to the ecology what river is to the urban. Under the premise of protecting the original hydrological environment to make city development mutualism. This as a start for our international design workshop.

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