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109.08.03 國際USR暑期體驗營


七月三十 豔陽天⁣ 促進國際對社會實踐的認識,今年與OIA @Chung Yuan Christian University 中原大學國際暨兩岸教育處共同舉辦「國際USR暑期體驗營」,在難以出國的這段時間,透過營隊課程讓校內各系的境外學生,一起用USR認識桃園。⁣


課程邀請社會設計學程謝統勝主任,透過攝影技巧揭開序幕,引導如何運用紀錄的方式發現不同事物的面向,以及感知地圖操作經驗和案例,為後續課程譜下序曲。⁣ 授課過程讓學生們感受攝影不僅是看見的手法,更是發現的方法,更多豐富的課程內容,請持續追蹤期待後續我們的分享。⁣

Summer vacation time connects international students, ⁣ lighting the passion with each other for society.⁣ July 30th a shining day! ⁣ To improve the understanding of international society practice, we hold “International USR Summer Experience Camp “jointly organized by Office of International Affairs. It goes without saying that during these periods all of us even international students are unable to go abroad. The aim is for the students to understand Taoyuan by USR with the courses in this experience camp.⁣ At the opening of ceremony, Professor Chie-Peng Chen, the host of project, assembled everyone to join us by introducing the spirit of USR Project. Meanwhile, Professor Po-Tsang Huang, the Vice Dean of International Affairs, also encouraged students to learn the spirit of University Society Responsibility (USR) by the courses, and even practice personally.⁣ The camp also invited Professor Tung Shen Hsie, the Director of Society Design Program and provided course of the show start by the photography skills, guiding how to find the different angles from everything by recording, and the perception maps operating experience and cases, to continue the next courses.⁣ The process of teaching is to make students feel that the photography is not the only way to look, it is also the way to find. If you want to know the more content of courses, please continue to follow and expect our share. ⁣

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