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110.08.04 學習Miro創作 創意思解無邊界


八月四號 雷撼不動的專心


跨領域投入馬來西亞UCSI 和中原設院USR合開的設計課程講座,聽著James Lim 老師對「Mapping Informality」的分享,兩國學生們都用不同國情的自我觀點,進行提問和經驗交流,雖然參與外籍生多半不具設計背景,但也驚喜地提了許多切中議題的討論,讓整體面向變得更為豐富


Learning Miro’s creation No boundaries for creativity and ideas

4, August/The concentration can’t be disturbed by thunder

Through Prof. Teoh Chee Keong’s online class, students had learned from games and getting more familiar with Miro. By boundless board to create their own story page. Students also wrote down their wonderful memories on Miro of their days in USR.

From the sharing of Tr. James Lim’s “Mapping Informality.”, interdisciplinary lecture course from UCSI in Malaysia and USR in CYCU. Students had asked questions and experience exchanges with diverse points of view from different country. Even though most foreign students are not with design background, but still propose a lot of discussion on the topic and make the overall orientation more ample.

In the balance between the development process and cultural preservation, students’ feedback also examines the new perspectives of these future generations’ successors who were influenced after the speech. They are not only ideas for urban development, but also an important outset for thoughts about social responsibility.

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