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台馬交流評圖 一同設計成長 整頓再出發


110.08.12~14 雙城國際設計工作坊





Design growth, Rectify and Restart

Aug 12th and 14th A surging Communication

Design Crit is an important session and endpoint in the design process. The 2021 International Design Workshop also arranged two exchanges and crit. August 12th was the first time that students from Taiwan and Malaysia groups met each other and know about each other’s topics and the general situation of the base, to make sure the initial concept of the workshop. Students who used the Taiwan Base will explain on the spot on August 14th, at the same time, they will learn from the advice and opinions of teachers and residents to prepare the final crit.

This workshop is different from the school’s internal work. It focuses on balancing the conflict between the government and the residents. In response to the epidemic policy during the epidemic period, the opinions and ideas of students, teachers, and residents were integrated through online crit and communication, to make the design advanced and mature.

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