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台馬社會責任實務經驗分享 每處都是光


110.08.05、09 國際USR體驗營


八月五號、九號 雷雨過後便是晴


#柔佛古來新村 #小地方聯盟 張泰順老師 @小众点 透過分享小众點民宿農場的永續經營與經驗,以及其想使生態環境、在地文化、身心都達到平衡的理念,讓學生們更了解何為社會責任與實踐,也令人思考:「怎樣的生活為自己理想?自己又能為一個地方做出什麼努力?」

#麻坡 #麻河時光 陳澤盛老師 麻河时光 Muar River Times 講師與我們分享一群在麻河邊上的年輕創意公司,透過共同經營麻河新媒體,將麻河串聯鄉鎮、推動社區與麻河邊上的人事物,並提出未來各種可能的生活提案,從而達到社區與鄉鎮的永續發展。這喚起各界對於人與河川關係的關注,同時也讓我們一同感受與河共生的心路歷程,期望河川流域的環境變得更好、更完善。

#蕉賴 #長頸鹿故事館 李順榮老師 Little Giraffe Story House 长颈鹿故事館 通過凝聚當地年輕人的努力,一起讓社區居民更深刻地了解當地所擁有的,花若盛開,蝴蝶自來,不需像別處有山水,當挖掘出自己的特色,也能吸引社會、邀請大家一起來作客。

#笨珍縣 #想像北干 徐銘權老師 Imagine Pekan Nanas 想像北干 北干廣為人知的特色為鳳梨,但講師將當地的特色融入音樂,並舉辦了許多活動和創造不同的特點,使更多人認識北干的美好。其中包含了只在北干能看見的風箏燈籠、還有讓快樂旋律散播在鄉鎮每一處的音樂會等,這些改變使人們對北干的印象不只停留在了鳳梨,而是擁有了更多想像的可能。

International online seminars 5,Aug and 9,Aug Sunny day after thunderstorm

Malaysia’s social responsibility practice team are invited as speakers to share their practical experience. From the discovery of characteristics to the realization of value, more resources are injected into the villages to practice sustainable community development. Different villages show different appearances so that each village can radiate its own light.

#JohorBahruKulaiNewVillage #HaloKulai By sharing the sustainable operation and experience of Homestay Farm, as well as its concept of balancing the ecological environment, local culture, and body and mind, students can better understand what social responsibility and practice are. It also makes people think: " What kind of life is ideal for me? What can I do for a place?"

#Muar #MuarRiverTimes The lecturer shared with us a group of young creative companies near the Muar River. Through the joint operation of Muar New Media, to connect the Muar River, towns and villages promotes the community and everything besides the Muar River and propose various possible future life proposals. To achieve the sustainable development of communities and towns. This arouses the attention of people from all walks of life to the relationship between people and rivers, and at the same time allows us to experience the spiritual journey of symbiosis with rivers, and hope that the environment of the river basin will become better and more perfect.

#Cheras #LittleGiraffeStoryHouse Through the efforts of local young people, they will let the community residents have a deeper understanding of what the local people have.“If the flowers are in full bloom, the butterflies come.” You don’t need to have mountains and rivers like other places. When you find out your own characteristics, you can also attract the community and invite everyone to come together.

#PontianDistrict #ImaginePekanNanas Pekan Nanas was Malaysia's largest production base for pineapple planting area and output ranked first in the country. The lecturer has incorporated local characteristics into music, and organized many activities, and created different characteristics to make more people know the beauty of Pekan Nanas. These include kite lanterns that can only be seen in Pekan Nanas, as well as concerts that allow the happy melody to spread throughout the township, etc. These changes have made people's impression of Pekan Nanas not only pineapples but have more the possibility of imagination.

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