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111.12.13 遇見國際與在地的微笑火花

秋冬的國際營比起夏季,更多了一絲浪漫與溫暖。 一早我們來到了 #蘆竹埤塘畔,由其澎老師揭開桃園的寶藏,也揭開接下來兩天精彩的營隊時光。來自德國、法國、印尼、越南與韓國等地的國際生們,即使不同文化、不同語言,彼此卻熱絡的特別快。

下午更讓在地文化的體驗 #從視覺轉為觸覺,帶領國際生們用最自然的工法敷出擁有他們獨特印記的土牆,揉捏泥土的感覺很不習慣,卻也同樣興奮,這瞬間大家彷彿也再次找回兒時肆無忌憚玩著泥巴的那種最單純的快樂,玩著玩著,我們都上癮了、都不想走了。


3rd December 2022

We came to Luzhu Pond in the early morning, Prof. Chen told us about the treasures of Taoyuan and also revealed the wonderful camp time in the next two days. There are international students from Germany, France, Indonesia, Vietnam, and South Korea, even though they have different cultures and languages, they get along very quickly with each other.

In the afternoon, the experience of local culture changed from visual to tactile, leading the international students to use the most natural method to build the building. The feeling of kneading the soil is very unaccustomed, but it is equally exciting. At this moment, everyone seems to have regained the purest joy of playing with mud. After playing, we are all addicted and don’t want to leave.

We look forward to taking everyone to Xiaoli the next day. The uncles and aunties there are equally enthusiastic. We look forward to seeing everyone’s smiles, which are the most direct and sincere feedback.


再續 國際與在地的共鳴語言

十二月四日 與土地最親密的一天

國際營第二天,濕冷的天氣在體驗活動下變得熱血。 學生們似乎早就嗅到今天將有一系列「體力活」,出發前各自神采奕奕,一點兒也不受冬天起床的煎熬影響。第一站我們來到 #和平農場 體驗採杭菊,金黃色澤的杭菊在灰矇矇的天氣中特別鮮豔可愛,結束後品嚐一碗特色的杭菊凍,學生的笑容也更甜了。接下來在老師簡單的講解後體驗釣魚、釣螯蝦,開始前大家都對自己很沒有信心,想不到實際卻是意外的豐收!

下午小巴緩緩駛入霄裡時,學生驚豔這裡就像桃花源,大哥大姐溫暖的迎接也讓我們好似回到的熟悉的家,看著大片的飽滿的稻穀,大家們的眼神也突然改變,一場 #割稻大戰 在心中悄悄開打,原本生疏的割稻技巧在練習一陣子之後開始上手,「救命,我的腳拔不出來!」,原來是一位學生的腳深深地陷入泥巴中,大家先是慌張後被逗樂,而這場割稻大戰也在歡笑中落幕。


On the second day of the international camp, the cold weather became warm under our interesting activities.

The students might know today would be a series of ‘tired work’. At first, we came to Heping Ecological Farm to experience picking chrysanthemums. The golden chrysanthemums are bright and lovely in the gray weather. Then, we tasted a bowl of chrysanthemum jelly, it was nice and yummy. After the teacher’s brief explanation, we experienced fishing and crayfish fishing. In the beginning, everyone had no confidence in themselves, but it turned out to be an unexpected harvest!

In the afternoon, when the minibus slowly drove into Xiaoli, we received a warm welcome from the uncles and aunties, it made us feel like returning to a familiar home. Looking at the large paddy fields, everyone's eyes suddenly changed, and a rice-cutting battle started quietly in their hearts. After practicing for a while, the unfamiliar rice-cutting skills began to be mastered. Then, the rice harvesting battle also ended with laughter.

When we got home, we received a message from a student saying ‘Thank you for the activities, it was fun.’ This message made us feel very warm, and we were looking forward to seeing everyone in future activities, hope everyone will still be happy and full of smiles.

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