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111.07.08 這暑假美好的故事 從熟悉彼此開始


七月六日 晴時多雲

#2022雙城國際設計工作坊 在大家的期待下有序地進行了,這次很高興台灣同學們可以面對面討論、勘察基地,但也很遺憾只能與馬來西亞的同學們透過視訊見面,相信經過去年一年的經驗之後,大家能夠更好的在雲端上運用所學,展現創意發想,讓大家看到設計可以如何改變我們所處的世界。



學生們積極討論, 發言熱烈

Getting to know each other is a way to start the beautiful story of this summer vacation. 6th July Mostly cloudy and very warm.

The 2022 USR International Design Workshop was carried out with everyone's expectations. We are so glad that the Taiwanese students can discuss and study the base face-to-face, but it is a pity that we can only meet the Malaysian students through video. We believe that after last year's experience, everyone can better apply what they have learned, show their creative ideas, and let everyone see how design can change the world we live.

This time, we will focus on two sites, Luzhu District,Taoyuan and Kajang City, Langat River, Malaysia. Although these two bases are located in different countries, but they are facing similar urban development discussions on water issues. Both of them are facing the problem of development. It is hoped that through the discussion between the students of two countries, a design plan to solve the problem will be proposed.

Special Thanks to the encouragement of Prof. Chia Lin Tsao, Dean, College of Design, CYCU Prof. Chie Peng Chen, Program Host Prof. Patrick Hsie, Co-Host Prof. Teoh Chee Keong, Head of School, School of Architecture and Built Environment , UCSI Malaysia

Giving us the greatest support and motivation for the design workshop in the next two weeks.

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